A day of surprises

Today is the first day this week that we’ve had sun. So unusual to have these many rainy days in a row! It’s been almost as cold and rainy as Bonn and Leamington at this time of year. But the effect of six days of rain has been phenomenal. I had glimpsed the tell-tale taper of a crocus flower in bud yesterday, and when I went out this morning to check on it, what a surprise I had. Instead of just one, there were three.

Crocus single cropt.jpg

Crocuses grp cropt.jpg

And then just to the side was another one. And then beyond were some more. How marvelous to come upon an unexpected field of crocuses! I suspect they are saffron crocuses, but I need to check up on this.

Crocuses in meadow cropt.jpg

Later I discovered a few more in the other terraces.

Double crocus cropt.jpg

We went for a walk this afternoon and Lady Brown came home with us. She’s is in the garden now, having had her fill of dog food and some meaty bones. She won’t come into the veranda though. But she’s staying. That’s good enough for now.

It has truly been a most rewarding day.


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