Second spring

Autumn is the Mediterranean’s spring, its second one, if you will. Even the birds realize it, as they are behaving as they did in March and April. With the steady fall of gentle rains over the past days, including today, everything is greening up fast, and the birds that remain (those that haven’t flown away to Africa and warmer climes) — the sparrows –- are responding eagerly to this resurgence of life in the garden. They fly about in courtship formation — in pairs, swooping and dipping in and out of the oleander hedges and the pine and olive trees. They’ll be nesting soon, quite likely.

All over what once was bare, I am anticipating a lawn of blooming daisies — the ground is thick with a green carpet of rosette leaves. Here are the precocious ones that have begun to bloom.

Daisy red petals g_4790.JPG

Daisy white grp g_4791.JPG

I don’t know what bulbs these tapering leaves belong to — blue-flowered Scilla possibly, or Alliums.


And this crown of lovely fleshy leaves – what wondrous flowers could they be presaging?


The coming weeks promise such a bounty of wild flowers. I can hardly wait.





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