Lady Brown comes for a visit

There’s a sad-eyed, gentle dog in our hamlet that seems to have been abandoned, and M has taken to feeding her every time we see her. (He’s got a bag of vitamin-enriched treats in the car.) We’ve been calling her Lady Brown for her milk-chocolate brown coat. Today, we had a surprise visit from her. The gate has been left open, as work is ongoing to put up pergolas for the grape vines and kiwiberries (Actinidia arguta ‘Ken’s Red’ and A. kolomikta). It’s a wonder that she managed to track us home. Such a heartwarming surprise, and M is so chuffed he’s been smiling from ear to ear.

Lady Brown (not her permanent name as yet) has had two bowlfuls of dogfood, two bowlfuls of water, and some grilled rib bones left from our lunch. She walked about the garden, checking it out thoroughly. But now she’s decided to go off for a walk. I guess she doesn’t feel comfortable with the noise from the workmen’s machinery. We hope she decides to return after her walk and to make her bed here. There’s another thunderstorm predicted for tonight, so sleeping rough is not going to be very pleasant.


We’ll most likely have to take her to the vet to check if she’s been microchipped and find out if who the owner is, and if he or she is still around. In our hamlet, there are several seemingly ownerless dogs, running around and making a nuisance of themselves, though Lady Brown does not run around with them.










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