Just a couple of little things to be grateful for

These days once again we are seeing the gruesome results of humans using violence to convince others that their way –- and only their way — is the right way; their belief the only way to believe. And I am not only referring to physical violence but to verbal violence and the incitement to kill and to hate. How do those who incite others to violence live with the toxic brew bubbling within themselves? How can those of us, who wish to live peaceably and harmoniously with others, live well and think well and feel well, exposed to so much hatred and violence and intolerance?

I seek comfort and solace in little things around me – things that neither human hands nor human thought nor human beliefs have touched. I find them all without exception touchingly beautiful. A telling contrast to the ugliness that warped human beliefs and pathological thinking and deranged acts can lead to.

This little wasp’s nest was built not far from our entry door. I wasn’t quick enough to stop the gardener (not the olive tree hacker, this was another I interviewed the other day) from brushing it away. I rescued it, marvelling at its intricacy. The nest is no bigger than the first joint of my thumb. I don’t believe human hands could have created anything to match its exquisite delicacy, fashioned out of mere soil and water and tireless dedication.

Wasp nest.jpg

While eating lunch today, M and I finally caught a glimpse of a magnificent bird. One whose whistling has been delighting us for some time now — the Eurasian golden oriole. It flew from a neighbouring tall holm oak and landed on a pine tree behind the house. An incredible sight! Its beauty owes nothing to human intervention.

Golden Oriole

Eurasian golden oriole. Photo: http://www.biodiversityexplorer.org

Long may these birds and wasps flourish as reminders that there is a beautiful world out there, unsullied by the ugliness of twisted human minds, beyond the reach of  bullies, of bigots, of hatemongers.  For these small but exquisite things that made my day, I am truly grateful.



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