Rain in midsummer

Over the past month and a half, rain had been predicted three times, but only once did rain actually fall – just a few drops. So when M said last night that 2.5 mm of rain are due today, I was not very hopeful. I shall believe it when I see it, I said. And we woke up this morning to real rain – big fat raindrops falling steadily. What a blessing indeed! The mountains all around are veiled in fog and the temperature has gone down to a cool and refreshing 21 C. A marvelous change from the high 30s it has been the past few days.


It is amazing that on this same day last year, it had rained in Bonn as well. Similarly much awaited, as it had been days since the last rainfall. And coincidentally, the crocosmia in Bonn was in bloom, just as it is here, linking my past life and garden in Germany to this new one here in Spain.

La Casa Crocosmia_4215.JPG


The plumbers who were here (to check out the possibility of another bathroom)  said, “¡Que mal día!” My reply: “Para la gente, sí, pero para el jardín, es perfecto.”

Indeed it is perfect for the plants — especially those who received a goodly dose of composted manure after their over-enthusiastic pruning. Let’s hope the rain keeps up all day.




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